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Hokay, so…let’s look back, gentle viewer, and see how (the royal) WE are doing with our first week.

1. Sign in to WMZ and make related post. CHECK

2. Make a Top 10 list of reasons why you ❤ zines. CHECK

3. Zine Distro love! Order zines! CHECK

4. Reread your favorite zines. MERP

5. Teach yourself a new zine skill. CHECK

6. Add your zine to ZineWiki.org. INVALID CHALLENGE [UPDATE! SEE BELOW!]


Read a zine every day. CHECK (ongoing)

Do 24 Hour Zine Thing challenge. CHECK

So, basically, I think I’m already doing better than I did last year. A couple comments on the list so far.

1) You can’t currently add an account to ZineWiki because of some SPAM maintenance that never got resolved. So…Day 6 activity is null and void. [UPDATE! The account creation thing is working again, so I got logged in and did up a two sentence thing for Fragile Like a Rubber Ball. Unfortunately, I don’t know HTML, so I gave up on anything beyond that pretty much immediately.]

2) I figured out which zines to read for Day 4! One of my alllll time favorite zines is just a little bitty 16 pager done by Amanda in Australia. It’s called I ❤ Poor Spelling and Bad Grammar. Long after I received it the first time, I wanted to get a back up copy (as I do with my faves), but I couldn’t track her down. Looked all over the internet. Nothing. Then one day, I looked at the back of the zine and…oh. There was her address. I mean, I figured her physical address had changed, but there was her email address, right on the back of the thing. So I emailed her and FOUND her! It was one of the MOST EXCITING THINGS that has happened to me in recent memory. I went on and on to her about HOW MUCH I love this zine and she kindly sent me a handful more with permission to reproduce them and give them out to people! Because I want everyone to read it. Especially because I have an English degree, from which I lost my nasty grammar police attitude, and became a fully identified descriptivist. I shall be whipping up a related zine this year discussing this distinction. But, I digress…she also sent me a handful of her other zines which I found refreshing and enjoyable as well. So, those are my Day 4 zines. I hope she does more zines because she’s pretty much awesome. And as soon as I can figure out the best way to reproduce her zine (the paper size is a little different), I’ll have them available for free and would love for everyone to read it. I plan on sending it out as a supplement when I get my grammar/lexicography zine done. I don’t mean to over-hype I ❤ PSaBG, but seriously. My heart.

Ok, I’ve still got some zine work and read in me tonight, so I’mma go do some stuff. But happy weekend! Go, zinester, GO!