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Ok, so I know IZM is over for this year, but I didn’t get done nearly enough of the daily fun-time activities, so I’m going to go back to the list and see what I missed.

1. Sign up on WeMakeZines.ning.com and write about IZM. [Done. I have been on WMZ for quite a while now, but I did make the obligatory post in here.]

2. Zine distro appreciation day. [Done, but I can’t remember who specifically I ordered from for this, so I’ll just plug Ms. Valerie Park Distro because they have been nothing short of awesome in all the times I’ve ordered.] + [Oh…wait…I remember. I ordered from Sweet Candy Distro, which is also awesome.]

3. Organize your zine collection. [Done – I found some cute little mini-totes at Big Lots. I need a separate storage idea for larger format zines though. Still working on that.]


4. Teach yourself a new skill. [Done. I had never done a 1/4 size zine before, so after screwing up the pages in the final photocopy process, I straightened it out and it came out just dandy.]

5. Check out a different type of zine than you normally would. [Hmmm…I guess I’m not sure what kind of zine this would be. I know I thought about this on July 5 and I think I came up with a stab at this idea, but I really like a variety, so this suggestion is moot. Let’s just say I chose Worry Stone No. 1 because I don’t necessarily gravitate toward health condition zines. Review to come…]

6. Re-read your favorite zines. [This is like the best request ever. The #1 spot is definitely held by Julia Eff/Crapendemic. I swear, it’s hard for me to talk about them without sounding like a fan qurl. Other zines I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading were by Ramsey Beyer (List zines), Katie Haegele (White Elephants), and the Thrive zines by Alyssa Duhe.]

7. Zine reading day. [Not done. If you want to skype/G+/meet for coffee, I’d be more than happy to read something for you. Otherwise, I’ll go try to find a group of squirrels and read something to them.]

8. Try something new day. [Not done. Ok, I’m going to stop here for the moment, since there are two things in a row that I need to do. I think I’ll try doing a zine with more illustration and art stuff since I’ve been avoiding it while wading around in a cramped pool with just about an inch of self-confidence covering the bottom. Off to read The Confident Creative and make some marks on paper.]